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Was I Dating An Alien?

I'm a fairly ordinary guy, but after two weeks of dating Triffy, things just didn't seem very ordinary anymore. I had taken a girl named Barbra to a drive in movie. Not sure if they still have drive in movies anymore today, but back in the 70's they still had a few drive in movies left in California along with the left over Chariots.

Barbra asked, “would you get me some buttered pop corn and a Coke?”

With a smile, I said,”sure.”

I headed over to the pop corn stand and it was lust at first site. It seemed as if her eyes were sparkling. Her blouse and skirt were skin tight.

She asked,"are you from around here?" I've never noticed you before."

I laughed and replied, "I'm from a far away planet they call New York."

She smiled radiantly and said, "I'm from a far away planet to, but I got stuck here for a while."

"Missed the ride back on the space ship," I joked.

"Something like that," she said smiling.

"I'm supposed to be in Europe, but the Navy stuck me out here on the left coast. They just don't know how to read a dream sheet," I smiled.

"What do you do with the Navy," she asked.

"Im a communications specialist," I answered.

She smiled glowingly and said, "I'm into communications to."

I laughed and asked, "that's what you do on your planet when you're not selling pop corn."

She smiled and said, "something like that.

"Oh, could I have a buttered pop corn and a Coke,” I asked.

“Wouldn't you rather have something else,?” she whispered seductively.

“Yes, I would, but this is for Barbra, the girl that's waiting for me to bring this back to the car.”

“Would Barbra miss you if you didn't come back,?” she whispered almost hypnoticly.”

I answered.”I don't know, but I think she would wonder about what happened to the pop corn and Coke.”

“Okay.” She said, reluctantly handing me the pop corn and coke.

“Maybe another time,” I said.

“I'd like that, My name is Triffy. Here's my number. Call me when you're finished getting pop corn for Barbra,” she said.

“My name is Tim, maybe another time Triffy,” I said.

I brought the pop corn and coke back to Barbra. She snuggled up with me and asked, “Didn't you want anything?”

“Want anything what,?” I asked.

“Didn't you want a snack? She said, seeming puzzled.

“Oh, I just didn't think of it,” I replied.

Smiling seductively, she said. “I'm willing to share.”

She then gazed into my eyes and started to kiss me, but I couldn't get Triffy out of my mind. It were as if she had cast a spell on me. Barbra was very pretty, and I really did like her, but I felt as if I were now wearing the wrong size shoe. I needed size Triffy, but I tried hard to fit into size Barbra.
After the movie I drove Barbra home. She asked me in, but I told her I had some work to do that just couldn't wait.

I drove down Pacific Coast Highway and parked by one of the massive cliffs to think and reflect. The height of the cliffs, the wonderful splashing sound of the water always seemed to invigorate my thought process.

I debated with myself if I should call Triffy or not. I knew nothing about her except that she was very beautiful. She just wasn't the kind of girl you would expect to be selling pop corn. At least not with those looks.

She intrigued me. At last, I decided to call her just out of curiousity.
I just had to know where she came from, what she was into and what the heck was she doing selling pop corn. But, I was really fooling myself. Deep down, I was really attracted to her.

I didn't even want to admit to myself that I could be such a cad. I knew it was wrong, but I wanted her anyway.
So, I called. She told me a few things about herself and we made a date to go to the beach the next day. After seeing her in a bikini on the beach the next day my mind just went blank.

Her body was pure Heaven. I didn't have any more questions to ask her. I was totaly under her spell. Barbra was just now a distant memory.

After the beach we went back to her place and she seemed to have candles everywhere. They seemed to have a nice smelling scent, but they were like no other candles I had sniffed before. I was going to ask her what all the candles were about, but when she changed into a very sexy nighty, I lost my train of thought as I watched her light the candles.

She finished the last one and put her arms around me and then I just melted in her embrace.
I was turned on like I was never turned on before. Just when I thought okay that's enough of this now, she seemed to turn on my second and third gear.

It were as if she were re-generating my battery. Just when I thought my energizer bunny was finished, she turned on my fourth and fifth gear. I didn't know what was happening.

I asked myself "why."

But I couldn't find an answer.
But I suppose all good things must come to an end. After two weeks with her, I got orders to go to the South Land. I had never before been in the South before and it was a long flight from California.

So, when I first got off the plane, I thought I might be experiencing some jet lag. Or maybe two weeks with her just plum wore me out.

I didn't know what it was, but I was feeling very dizzy. I wasn't accustomed to the swampy type air of the South Land, so I thought, "maybe I just need a day or two to acclimate to the different climate."

But I continued to get dizzy. At last, I went to sick bay and told everyone there that I keep getting dizzy. They couldn't find anything wrong with me from routines tests, so they said they had to make sure I wasn't crazy.

Being confident that I was totaly sane I told them to give me any test they wanted. So, they put some strange wires on my head and kept saying that's amazing.

“Whats so amazing,?” I asked my very big busted Nurse.

Smiling seductively, she said,”your brain scan. It keeps showing that you're having a sexual thought every forty seconds.”

“Only every forty seconds”, I quipped starring at her endowed breasts with surprise.”

Smiling ever more seduvtively she said, “you're a sex machine.The average male only has a sexual thought every four minutes.”

“So, I'm over sexed and now I've lost my mind,?” I asked.

She answered, “no, just the opposite. If you were only having a sexual thought every five minutes you would be losing your mind. So having a sexual thought every forty seconds makes you super sane. The best reading we ever got from anyone was every three minutes. You're every forty seconds is out of this world.”

“Out of this world. That's what I was afraid of. So how do I turn myself off,? I asked.

“What turned you on like this? That's what I'd like to know so I could bottle it,” she said.

Laughing now, I said, “sorry, but I don't kiss and tell.”

Of course I could have come clean and told her that I kind of suspect that I recently spent two fun filled weeks with a dynamite woman that was most likely a space alien. But I was getting bored with all the tests. And anyway, she was quite a looker. And I had a feeling she wanted to take me for a test run to check out that every forty second quirk.

“So, what is wrong with me then,?” I asked.

She took my hand and said, “we've got to get you away from this swamp air."

"How can we do that,?" I asked.

"I have central air conditioning," she replied.

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