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Things to Watch Out for When Dating Online

Things to Watch Out for When Dating Online!

By Jonathan Striem

As much as we like meeting new people online, there will always be those who are out to try to make money. Unfortunately some of these individuals will start sending spam to your email account if you respond to their fake profile. So how can you tell which ones are fake? Well there are a few give aways:

1. If you see a profile from a member that says something like; If you wish to contact me, don't use this site, email me at This is usually a scam or someone wanting you to click on their affiliate link.

2. In some instances a person may actually have a fully paid membership and respond with something like; Hi, thanks for responding to my personal ad, you seem like just the kind of person I'm looking for. If you want to email me, email me at

From these we can take away a few realizations.

1. Auto responders can be set up on some dating site free accounts, they're supposed to help those who are receiving too much mail. Unfortunately, some people use this as a business opportunity.

2. If the person couldn't be bothered to pay for their membership, then they're not serious about their online dating search. What's that I hear you say? They may have signed up to too many and can't afford it? If they have signed up to too many, legit people will be concentrating on dating sites where they can respond to other members via their fully paid membership, not free accounts.

3. If the person who responds, has a fully paid membership to the dating site and asks you to contact them by another means, why? They have a fully paid membership, there shouldn't be any reason for them to ask you to contact them via other means. Alarm bells should be going off in your head if someone asks you to do this.

4. Another reason could be that a person doesn't want their credit card details verified by becoming a full paying member. Especially if they have an ulterior motive or maybe they're a guy posing as a girl. Or a girl posing as a guy. This again is another reason to only communicate with fully paid members and only via the dating sites email system until you can be sure that the person you're talking to is legit.

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