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The Appeal Of Bad Boys To Women In Regards To Dating

What is it About the Attraction of Bad Boys?

A lot of women have said they are attracted to Bad boys. If you wonder why than read on.

The Typical Badboy is

 Cocky,
 Arrogant
 Puts himself first
 He is inattentive to a woman's needs
 Does what he wants when he wants to do it, regardless of what anyone else thinks
 Acts like a loose cannon
 Struts his masculine sexuality
 Isn't even remotely a "nice" guy
 Uses women for sex
 Feels he is on top of the mating chain. An Alpha male so to speak if you’ve watched the Discovery channel

Ask any girl what she likes about the typocial bad boys. A lot of women will answer that they never knows what to expect when a “bad boy” is around The firnd them as a challenge, and see bad boys as confident, Bad boys knows what they want and go after it. They are never boring. They are strong, aggressive, independent, and self assured. Women feel safe around them. Some women like the idea that maybe “she ” can fix him.

When I asked around to a few women what they like about Bad Boys they answered some things like:

Love and sex is stronger when it has intense emotions. The nice guy is like taking Amtrak whereas the bad boy is like a roller-coaster. Nice guys can be manipulative. Sure they are always nice to you, but it is just to get others to be nice back to them, and that isn't real or natural for lovers. There's no challenge in nice guys. Women like a challenge and want to be able to reform a bad boy. It's more flattering for a bad boy to like you. It is more special for a guy to treat most of the people he meets like jerks, but treats you nicely

Another said this about Bad boys :

The last guy i was with was kind, gentle, respectful of my needs and gave me everything I wanted, and never disagreed with me. I HATED IT!

The guy I am with now is all these things...but will put me in my place when I need to be. I find that very often, I need to be put in my place. He is not afraid to tell me I am wrong. That I am being a brat or just being plain ridiculous. and even if i whine and try to get my way, he won't give in to me if he really thinks he is right.

I need a knock-down, drag-out fight every once in a while. well, maybe not literally, no one wants to be hit or anything like that, but there are times that I need to argue.

You can't argue with someone who always says "you're right, princess. anything you say, angel."

It's nice to be indulged, sure; but how can you respect someone who kisses your ass? Yuck!!!, give me a guy who will stand up to me, and i will be his forever.

Another‘s comment was

I am attracted to the bad boys for the more masculine reason (I like to think my man can protect me if need be) but also because the super nice guys I have met get caught up in the status quo and end up getting really lazy in the relationship and their own lives. I would love to find a super nice guy who can embrace the excitement of everyday life and the relationship but I haven't found it yet.

Somebody who can be labeled as a bad boy is masculine. He has a ton of confidence. Women find this trait of extreme confidence very attractive. It draws them towards confidence me. It has nothing to do with looks. It has to do with his attitude and his beliefs. It draws women on a emotional level and when emotions and logic come together more often than not if the emotion is powerful enough the emotions win.

Don’t do these things below to be a bad boy:

Be clingy.
Be afraid to let her know you find her attractive.

Neglect having a life outside of the relationship.
Be too easy to get — keep her intrigued.
Sacrifice your hobbies, life, friends, job, etc. for the relationship.
Be nice with the expectation that you’ll get something in return for it–that’s manipulative.
Come on too strong or try overly hard to impress.
Be possessive.
Be submissive — women want a guy who’s tougher and stronger than they are (but that doesn’t mean they want someone to dominate them).
Become set in your ways.
Be a pushover.

The things to do to be a badboy:

Have fun.
Show self-confidence.
Be energetic.
Relax and take up space
Make Eye Contact with everybody
Project Your Emotions
Be passionate.
Lead others
Have a Playboy type attitude, playful and fun
Have a sense of adventure.
Be ambitious and lead
Have a life and hobbies outside of your relationship.
Be a manly protector-type (not macho or misogynistic).
Respect yourself.
Be exciting and unpredictable.
Be a challenge.
Give your own opinions.
Show strength.
Realize your feelings come from within -not outside
Generate feelings inside you first so that others will follow

One of the things that we teach at Fidentia is to take the traits of a Bad boy, an alpha male and take the good parts without the bad. Most high self esteem women do not want anybody who will abuse them. They want somebody who cares for them also. The combination of a bad boy , jerk with a sensitive caring guy is the atom bomb of seduction. It is the best of both worlds. The guy who believes in himself and goes after what he wants but still allows himself to care for others rates high on a scale for a lot of women.

Robert Torrey

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