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Jewish Online Dating Sites

There are so many Jewish online dating sites that it would take a new initiate several years to fully try each and every one of them. By doing some research, the job of finding just the right one for you gets a little easier.

The largest one, JDate, has become the model for other dating services, Jewish or otherwise. Operating in America with over 300,000 members in six foreign countries, JDate claims to have over 10-percent of the available Jewish singles in its database. Members pay between $15 and $30 a month to post their information on the website and make contact with other Jewish singles. In addition, JDate sponsors frequent social events in the larger metropolitan areas where the concentration of active members guarantees a healthy turnout. For a small fee, members can attend a dinner with drinking and dancing, populated only by other Jewish singles and active members of JDate.

There’s no guarantee that the girl or man of your dreams will also be attending, but these services can, at the very least, save you a lot of time and frustration.

The main format for Jewish dating sites is the same as most online dating services. You pay a small fee to become a member, post your profile, your phone number and your other pertinent information on the site, and then scroll through the photos of other members in your area who fit your requirements. After that, you are free to contact them by whatever means they prefer and you can talk on the phone, meet and date or whatever suits you. The website plays no role in the relationship after establishing the connection.

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