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Have you ever thought of using a web based Dating Service?

Internet based dating services are now available! And why not? The great Bill Gates said that in this century, we will only find two types of businesses: those on the internet, and those that are closed. So should we be surprised to find internet dating services? They could only be faster, more varied (in choices), and international -- just as any internet business would compare to their offline counterpart.

These online dating services have been around for some time now, and anyone with an email address given to some commercial site would have received advertisements (call them spam, junk mail, or whatever) for such. And these internet dating services now come in "various flavors," too! – single’s, Christians, teens, mature…you name it…you can find it.

Types of dating are also available, from one-night stands to lifetime commitments. Are these online dating services for you? Well, just like any business you are going to deal with, whether online or offline, it's always: "Buyer beware." There could be dating services that will really change your life, or provide you what you ask for, but there could also be those that will simply run away with your money. Then there's also the question of whether or not you need the power of an online dating service. Do you really need to find a date who lives half a planet away? Do you have to pay for the extra capabilities of a service that you will not be using? Internet dating services are here to stay, for people who would otherwise find it difficult to get dates.

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