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At first dating is fun but as you go on it's so easy to fall into a rut. A night at home with rental movies or a dinner out or a movie is all you ever seem to do and you are getting bored. The boredom most likely is not because of whom you are with, it could be that you have fallen into a comfortable rut.

There are so many options of things to do but sometimes people are afraid to try something new. I don't like it, now what? What do I do if I like it and she doesn't? Fun and excitement can be apart of your life again don't give up. Since you and your dating partner have common interests let's take a look at all the various kinds of dates that you create.

Let's take a look at general types of dates and try to expand on them. There are movie dates, dinner dates, and dancing dates. At best, they would make a very short date, by themselves. Do you think a dinner and a movie or a movie and dinner at club that has dancing is a good idea? Going to one of the many movies or going to clubs that cater to various genres could be fun.

How about a game of billiards? If you both have connections to a Church, church activities could be interesting for you. Concerts by Christian singers and/or bands hold concerts all over the place. You could try attending something similar to a Billy Graham Crusade or a rally. A Church or Temple will be able to tell you what is available for young people or young adult couples, if you are not Christian.

If you go to any type of concert it could be interesting, you might find a type of music you never thought you'd like. Another idea might be going to the theater. Something that is even more fun are dinner theaters. Shows like Disney on Ice and Stars on Ice are fun, and so are plays. Going for ice cream or a walk on the beach is a simple date.

Are at least one of you, if not both of you athletically inclined? Running together could be fun. It might be interesting to try hiking in an area you've never been to before. Dusting off your bikes and going for a ride instead of using your car, especially with gas prices so high.

Aside from the fact that it is fun; it is physical and it gets you to where you want to go. A walk in the summer rain, horseback riding, and roller blading can be fun. You don't really just want to stay home do you? Rent a movie you haven't seen or rent a favorite romantic movie. Try playing games such as Chess or backgammon or how about Jenga which is a puzzle game, they can be fun.

Do you like intellectual stuff? Lectures and museums are interesting and a lot of fun. Do you know of a planetarium nearby? A way of not having to go outside is to go to a planetarium. A day trip can be fun, and for New Englander's Boston, Massachusetts is a good bet.

Boston boasts of the Science Museum, the Children's Museum and the famed Freedom Walk. The Freedom Walk will take you by the original Cheers bar. For something fun and educational, go to the zoo. A visit to the Public Gardens or Art Exhibits can be very relaxing. Is your guy into automobiles?

Stock car races are an option as are monster truck rallies. Do you enjoy any crafts? A craft fair may have lessons in crafts such as scrap booking which is something a guy could get into that isn't just a 'girly' activity. Try cooking together it can be fun.

Try taking classes together, such as a cooking or pottery class. Learning something about another person is the whole point of dating. Try bringing your date along once or twice if you volunteer visiting nursing homes. Trying all these different things will help you both decide on things you both enjoy.

Sometimes though it is a good idea to do something you may not like a whole lot so that your date at least knows you care about them and the things they like. Dating can be disastrous but it can have its perks too. You may have only one date or a first date over and over. A wonderful relationship is possible if you are mutually respectful of the others needs and interests of the other and can compromise without resentment.

If dating doesn't lead to a marriage this is a possible. Wonderful friendships can be developed. Work on one date at a time. It is important to learn to trust and respect one another. Live life and enjoy each other. Have fun and enjoy your life. Although dating is a challenge understand that before you kiss your prince, you may have to kiss a bunch of frogs.

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